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Dongguan Weldo Precision Machining Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision machining parts, established in 2008. The company is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, with an expansive production facility that incorporates advanced CNC machining technology. With over 13 years of industry experience, Dongguan Weldo has established a stellar reputation for producing top-quality manufacturing components that meet the highest industry standards.

Core Values

From the outset, Dongguan Weldo set up an enduring business ethos, which has guided the company since its inception. The company's core values include customer satisfaction, excellent customer service, timely delivery, and superb technology. These values have ensured that Dongguan Weldo Precision Machining Co. Ltd. is consistently ranked high among other precision machining companies in the market.

ISO 9001 Certification

The company is ISO 9001 certified, a testament to its commitment to manufacturing high-quality components. ISO 9001 is an international standard that provides a framework that ensures that businesses meet customer requirements, enhance customer satisfaction, and continuously improve quality management systems. Dongguan Weldo's ISO certification has reinforced its brand, providing clients with the assurance that the company's products are high-quality and meet industry standards.

Production Facility

Dongguan Weldo has an expansive production facility that spans over 3,800 square meters. The factory layout and manufacturing specification are organized to maximize productivity, and the company has invested in modern CNC technology to improve precision and efficiency. The production facility is equipped with a range of machines, including CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, and equipment for sheet metal fabrication. Dongguan Weldo Precision Machining Co. Ltd. has a production capacity of over 5,000 pieces per month, making it capable of serving both large and small-scale orders promptly.

Product Range

Dongguan Weldo Precision Machining Co. Ltd. produces a wide range of precision machining parts, including but not limited to CNC machining parts, die casting parts, sheet metal fabricated parts, and plastic injection molded parts. The company has a vast suite of manufacturing capabilities, thanks to its extensive range of CNC machines. The products produced by Dongguan Weldo are used in various industries, including electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment. The company's expertise in precision machining means that it can meet the most demanding requirements from clients across different sectors.

Quality Control

Dongguan Weldo Precision Machining Co. Ltd. is committed to quality at every stage of production. The company has an ISO 9001 certified quality management system that prioritizes quality control from raw material inspection to finished product testing. Every component that the company produces undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it adheres to the client's specifications and industry standards. This process ensures that clients receive top-quality products that meet or even exceed their expectations.

Customer Service

Dongguan Weldo places customer satisfaction at the heart of its operations. The company's customer service is attentive, transparent, and geared to keep clients informed of their project's progress throughout the manufacturing process. The customer support team works closely with clients to understand their requirements and tailors its services to meet their needs. Clients can expect prompt replies to their inquiries or concerns and communication that is clear, concise, and effective.


Dongguan Weldo Precision Machining Co. Ltd. is a reputable and trusted manufacturer and supplier of precision machining parts. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction, superior technology, and excellent service has enabled it to thrive in the competitive manufacturing industry. Dongguan Weldo's expansive production facility, comprehensive range of products, and adherence to international quality standards have attracted clients from various industries worldwide. As a result, the company has positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for all precision machining needs.
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